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About Us

We Provide Technology Solutions For A Better Life

XIPAT Flexible Solutions was Founded in 2008 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Xipat is now working on developing and generating new values for the future, with the goal of providing leading goods in terms of technology solutions for users. Each member of the Xipat team is always working to expand their expertise and contribute to the development of market-leading goods. Every product that we bring to market at Xipat meets the following criteria: a user-friendly orientation, the best pricing, and the greatest quality. As a result, Xipat is consistently acknowledged for its quality by both domestic and foreign consumers, who have long trusted and collaborated with the company to increase its efficiency.

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Since 2008
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Our Projects

Xipat's products are the result of many hours of research and development. Therefore, Xipat team believes that customers will be satisfied when using it.

500.000 ++


200 ++


We have a mission to bring technologies for the future

projects of xipat

Game Zoka

Game Zoka attracts players with interesting content, fun graphics, and extremely high aesthetics. Stepping into the world of Game Zoka, you will be surprised by how much fun each game provides. All games are free to download, giving you a comfortable experience on a variety of devices.

projects of xipat

Omega Theme

Every product is created using cutting-edge technology and modern scientific algorithms. Omegatheme assists merchants on a variety of platforms, including Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and more. As a consequence, companies will be aided in increasing consumer conversion rates, sales, and confidence between sellers and buyers.

Mission and Vision

Xipat has the potential to become one of the leading technological development firms, with significant development and profit optimization for store owners. We will continue to give the most innovative ideas and will be there for our clients in the future.

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Xipat aims for long-term growth by merging the ideals of advantages amongst sellers, customers, and society. Currently, Xipat's major priority is to provide the best solutions to improve the sales efficiency of businesses; minimize website management time, and improve shop quality in the eyes of customers. In the future, Xipat will certainly provide more products with high prestige and quality, thereby addressing societal wants and raising the status of users.

mission and vission xipat

Xipat offers a wide range of services and solutions to customers around the world. We guarantee to satisfy the demands of our clients, that is, to give the easy handling for companies, especially with our consistent efforts in studying and creating new product features.

Company Culture & Values

xipat career value and culture

3 "No"

No-boss environment, No time keeping, No uniform required



We strive to create the exeptional employee experience from the smallest things like meals and sleep to investing in employees to go to school to improve their professional capacity.



We encourage employees to be creative, and to bring up innovative ideas


Over deliver

We under promise & over deliver to all customer



We respect the cultural differences among the members of the company. Employee from Gen Z can fully express their personality through their appearance without being judged


Result oriented

We strive to quantify our work and always aim for the end result. You are free to work method, work place to bring the best results

Why choose us

There are several reasons for you to select, contact, and then use Xipat's solutions. Individuals in the Xipat team are constantly valued and encouraged to be creative, guaranteeing that we may generate many good ideas and provide higher-quality products and services to our clients.

xipat why choose us
xipat why choose us
Over 96 percent of consumers are happy with the service and return to use it every month
Been in the industry since 2008, researching and understanding the psychology of customers
Our customer service provides attentive help for all consumer issues.
Software engineers are familiar with the Western working style.
Always welcome new talented and enthusiastic employees to join the Xipat team

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Job box

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Fullstack DEV

Looking for Fullstack Dev all levels to develop apps for Shopify/Woocommerce store

Salary: 20 -35 million
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Frontend Dev

Looking for Frontend Dev all levels to develop apps for Shopify/Woocommerce store

Salary: 8- 20 million

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