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OM1 - Fullstack DEV

Looking for Fullstack Dev all levels to develop apps for Shopify/Woocommerce store

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OM2 - Frontend Dev

Looking for Frontend Dev all levels to develop apps for Shopify/Woocommerce store

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OM3 - Backend Dev

Looking for Backend Dev all levels to develop apps for Shopify/Woocommerce store

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OM4 - Product Owner

Looking for Product Owner all levels to develop apps for Shopify/Woocommerce store

employee's thought


Employees's thought

Text.app is a simple text editor for Chrome OS and Chrome. It's fast, lets you open
Minh Giang
Marketing Executive
I feel Xipat is a very good place for fresh-graduates to study and experience. Here, I am free to turn my ideas into reality, learn from many good seniors who have gone before. Also, I really love the pantry area, where everything is provided such as microwaves, refrigerator with full of snacks for tea break time
Emma Pham
Product Owner
I became an employee of Xipat in the position of Marketing. After working for 1 year, I realized that I have a passion for Product development, and the company gave me the opportunity to challenge myself with a new position, and at the same time sponsoring further study. I'm really grateful that I have a fully support from my leader
Fullstack Developer
I think Xipat is a good environment to strive for, especially to young people who want to develop themselves in the IT industry when the company open with many opportunities. Moreover, leaders and managers are both friendly and proffesional at the same time, which makes me comfortable to work and brainstorm new ideas
Cong Nguyen
Project Manager
This is a good place to develop a career. I am a developer, in Xipat I was able to experience both Front-end and Back-end, and after being invested by the company to learn more about management skills as well as professional skills, My career path has broadened a lot. In Xipat, I am updated with the latest technologies all over the world

Company Culture & Values

xipat career value and culture

3 "No"

No-boss environment, No time keeping, No uniform required



We strive to create the exeptional employee experience from the smallest things like meals and sleep to investing in employees to go to school to improve their professional capacity.



We encourage employees to be creative, and to bring up innovative ideas


Over deliver

We under promise & over deliver to all customer



We respect the cultural differences among the members of the company. Employee from Gen Z can fully express their personality through their appearance without being judged


Result oriented

We strive to quantify our work and always aim for the end result. You are free to work method, work place to bring the best results

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